Christian Home Based Business Owner – Want to Be One?

Do you want to run a Christian home based business? Many people have this dream, but for one reason or another, never act on it.Many times they don’t know how to go about it. They have never run a business before and don’t’ know where to start. There is so much information out there that they get overwhelmed every time they begin to search for help.Some don’t know what they should do from home. They know they have special gifts and talents that God has placed in them, but they don’t know how to turn them into a business that will produce an income.As a Christian, you may have many commitments such as volunteering at church, possibly homeschooling your kids, and you would love the flexibility that a home based business offers. But you may lack the time to do the research needed to get a successful business up and going.I want to encourage you to take a step and put aside a certain amount of time each week to work on getting a home based business going. Even if you have one hour of time, if you are consistent with it, you can make some headway.A home based business will offer you purpose, as long as you are doing something that is within God’s plan for your life. Using the gifts and skills He has given you will bring fulfillment to your life that you don’t always get in a 9 to 5 job situation.You also gain much freedom and flexibility with a home based business. You can, for the most part, set your own schedule for working and taking time off. If something comes up that needs your attention, you can work your day around it. If you want to take a vacation or a weekend getaway, you can plan for it and go. You might even be able to sneak some work in if you take your laptop with you.As you plan your business, as a Christian, you want to be sure you are building it on solid Biblical principles. Always conduct business with the highest integrity. Be giving to others. Honor God with your speech, writing and actions. You will become a person that others trust and come to for help and advice.Starting a home based business for a Christian should first include prayer to see where God is leading them. If you feel He is guiding you to start a business, you can benefit from the help of others who have already done it.

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